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  Direct Trains Your Station Arrival Time Departure Time Destination / Time End Station / Time Frequency Name Type COLOMBO FORT 05:45:00 05:45:00 KANKESANTHURAI   12:17:00 JAFFNA ... Continue Reading →

Jaffna Villages

Allaipiddy Allaveddi Alvai Anaicoddai Analaitivu Atchuveli Chankanai Chullipuram Chundikuli Chunnakam DelftWest Delft Eluvaitivu Erlalai llavalai Jaffna Kaitadi Kankesanthurai Karainagar Karaveddi Kayts Kodikamam Kokuvil Kondavil Kopay Kudatanai Mallakam Manipay Mathagal Meesalai Mirusuvil Nagar ... Continue Reading →


Tellippalai or Thellippalai is a small town in the northern Jaffna District of Sri Lanka. It is located about 15 kilometers north of Jaffna town along the Kankesanthurai road In the ... Continue Reading →


Vaddukoddai is small but important town in the minority Sri Lankan Tamil dominated Jaffna peninsula of Sri Lanka. Most of the residents of the village are Sri Lankan Tamils, with the ... Continue Reading →


Location: Thondamanaru, Sri Lanka. Sella Katirkāmam of the North, Selva Sannidhi Murugan Temple and Thondamannar Bridge at Thondaimanāru is situated about twenty miles north of Jaffna Jaffna ... Continue Reading →


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Yarl Devi in jaffnavisit


  Direct Trains Your Station Arrival Time Departure Time Destination / Time End Station / Time Frequency Name Type JAFFNA 05:56:00 06:10:00 COLOMBO FORT   13:05:00 COLOMBO ... Continue Reading →
valvai harbour


Valvettithurai or VVT is a town of Jaffna District on the northeast coast of the Jaffna Peninsula in Northern Province, Sri Lanka governed by an Urban Council of the same name. The ... Continue Reading →

The English and Tamil Papers : Tuesday, July 05, 2016 jaffna

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Yarl Devi in jaffnavisit

Nothern Line

Nothern Line Station Distance in KM – from Fort Telephone No. Girambe 79.294 Talawattegedara 81.115 Potuhera 86.273 Nailiya 91.674 Kurunegala 95.272 037-2222271 Muththettugala 97.753 Wellawa 105 Ganewatte 116.72 Yahapauwa 123.46 Nagollagama 129.05 Timbiriyagedara 132.93 Maho 138.59 037-2275271 Randenigama 141.92 Abanpola 150.26 Galgamuwa 160.24 037-2253071 Senarathgama 170.08 Thambuttegama 178.96 Talawa 189.94 Srawasthipura 198.4 Anuradhapura ... Continue Reading →

There is no power cut

Today until midnight on March 31 for a three-hour power cuts imposed as invalid vauiyana messages, electric power and renewable energy minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said. Although ... Continue Reading →

Amman temple in Mullaitivu today’s paltry Wattappalai

Mullaitivu Wattappalai Kannagi Amman Temple Snake Temple devotees view the incident today. Among the devotees of the goddess joy and grace, is revealing. Today Mar Monday became the ... Continue Reading →

Rotavirus vaccine against the virus that attacks children

Children born within a year’s time and can impact, and could severely infected rota virus (Rota virus) vaccine for the virus has been introduced in India. Vomiting and diarrhea can ... Continue Reading →

Eelam collection of works in Cinema!

We are not always destructive to art. Eelam artists interested in the arts in order to prove it day by day, is on the rise. Each month it is apparent when looking at the works of artists ... Continue Reading →

Remember to save 5 thousand miles, which will see him traveling penguin !.

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro anraiyai Day was exceeding the speed of the waves in the sea. Numerous penguins could not swim. The male penguin stuck in one of the lanes swayed. Joe saw ... Continue Reading →

Panrittalaicci Amman Temple!

Panrittalaicci Amman Temple in Jaffna peninsula, one of the historic temples. It mainland Thenmaratchchi Chavakachcheri area is located in the northern part of the modular in-putturviti. ... Continue Reading →

Easy Jelly Pudding

Ingredients 2 boxes strawberry jello or any other flavor 1 can sweetened condensed milk Raisins and Chopped Cashews (Optional) Water Method Prepare the 2 boxes of jello mix according ... Continue Reading →

Octopus, a new type of spirit!

One of the octopus-shaped appearance of transparency found at the bottom of the ocean in Hawaii. The researchers say that the creature might almost belong to a new species. Nekkar approximately ... Continue Reading →

Big Match: St. John’s hold edge over Central in 110th Battle of the North

Like in the major parts of the island where schools clash in their respective or traditional big match encounters, it’s big match fever in the Jaffna peninsula as all arrangements ... Continue Reading →

Alien creatures control the sun!

Many times larger than the earth we live in, the sun was high and hot planet. Sun, where he was the biggest star in the family. Such as the video has Aliens. Keliyosperk sent to research ... Continue Reading →

“@” For information about shock!

In the most widely used e-mail and websites ‘@’ symbol, the internet came in existence only after 1971, analysts say. The mark was a symbol of an era vague. The @ sign is used only ... Continue Reading →

Free ‘Wi-Fi’ you have used?

Help surfing the Internet and modern technology, ‘Wifi’ is currently provided free of charge in various public places. Is easy to use, free and fast and many of the ‘Wi-Fi’ ... Continue Reading →