Location: Thondamanaru, Sri Lanka.
Sella Katirkāmam of the North, Selva Sannidhi Murugan Temple and Thondamannar Bridge at Thondaimanāru is situated about twenty miles north of Jaffna
Jaffna –  across the Vadamarachchi Lagoon near the Valvettithurai town of the Northern Province, Sri Lanka.
It was built in 1953 and destroyed in 1985, and rebuilt afterwards in 2004.
The Thondamannar Bridge was primarily used as a barrage since the beginning of its construction period to prevent sea water entering the Vadamarachchi Lagoon
that serves as a primary water source for several villages in the neighborhood.
The Barrage was destroyed in 1985 when it came under fire from the Sri Lankan Army.
The sluice gates before its destruction played a dual role not only preventing seawater entering into the villages but also allowing the floodwater
flowing from the land-side into the sea during rainy season.
The bridge along with the barrage was rebuilt by the Department of Irrigation in 2004 and now serves the Jaffna – Point Pedro highway,
a key link in the Jaffna District and the Northern Province

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