Vaddukoddai is small but important town in the minority Sri Lankan Tamil dominated Jaffna peninsula of Sri Lanka.
Most of the residents of the village are Sri Lankan Tamils, with the majority being Hindus and a few Christians.
due to the effects of the Sri Lankan civil war the actual number of residents is unknown.
Educational institutions
The village is home to the prominent Jaffna College that was founded as the Batticotta Seminary. Jaffna College is one of the most famous colleges in Jaffna,
and is the only private mixed school. Students come from areas such as Batticaloa and Kandy, as well as Jaffna.
Vaddukoddai is also home to the Vaddu Central College, another important secondary institute of education.
There is one tertiary/higher educational institution, known as Jaffna College Institute of Technology,
a polytechnic that is used for various vocational training requirements


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